The perfect blend of efficiency and power, meet DFSK C31

Widened mini truck with strong power and big capacity.

Compact size - designed for city use

The C31 is a prime example of why DFSK has become a leading Chinese car manufacturer in the UAE. With a length of just 4.73 meters, the C31 is highly maneuverable on narrow city streets and in tight parking spaces. Its compact size makes it ideal for zipping through traffic in the UAE.

Excellent fuel efficiency

As one of the top Chinese car brands in the UAE, DFSK is committed to affordable efficiency. Powered by a fuel-efficient 1.5L engine, this commercial vehicle achieves an impressive fuel economy of 18 km/L, allowing you to spend less on gas and more on the experiences that matter.

High payload capacity

Despite its small size, the C31 has an ample payload capacity of up to 2295 kg. Move more of whatever you need thanks to its cavernous cargo area of 2900x1540x370mm. When you need an affordable workhorse, this DFSK vehicle delivers.

Spacious, comfortable interior

While compact on the outside, this commercial vehicle is deceptively spacious on the inside. Passengers will enjoy plenty of legroom and headroom, as well as comfortable seating for five adults. With its refined interior, the C31 proves that the best affordable cars in the UAE can also be the most comfortable.

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Macpherson Independent Suspension, Five-bar Rear Non-independent Suspension. Rear-wheel drive.

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General Specifications
Length * Width * Height (mm)
Wheel Base(mm)
Dimension of Cargo Box (Length, Width, Height)
2900*1540*370 mm
G.V.W (kg)
Kurb Weight (kg)



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