The all New Fengon 500

Youthful Family Car with a Fashionable, Dynamic Look.

Automatic Headlights
Automatic Wipers
Large Size
Automatic Parking
Ultra-wide Panoramic Sunroof
One-button Start

Comfortable premium interior

Sink into soft leather seats and surround yourself in luxury. The FENGON 500 interior offers a luxurious feel with high-quality materials, plush seating, and thoughtful ergonomic design for a comfortable ride.

Powerful economical performance

With a fuel-efficient 1.5L engine, the FENGON 500 delivers smooth acceleration while maximizing gas mileage for economical daily driving, making it one of the best-selling SUVs in the UAE.

Smart technology

Intelligent features like automatic headlights, wipers, parking assist and keyless start make driving the Fengon 500 an effortless experience. This affordable SUV in the UAE offers advanced yet intuitive technology to stay connected and in control.

Spacious interior for all passengers

There’s room for the whole family in the best fuel efficient SUV in the UAE. A spacious interior, an ultra-wide panoramic sunroof, and flexible seating provide comfortable space for passengers both in the front and back. Large cabins and ample legroom mean every seat is the best seat in the house!

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General Specifications
5 speed manual
Drive Type
Front-wheel Drive
1.5 Litre



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