The all new Fengon IX7

Large SUV with a stylish interior

231 Horsepower
GDI Turbo Charged Engine
6/7 Seats
70 Litre Fuel Tank
355 Max Torque
Stylish Interior

Speed Limit Warning

Never worry about speeding fines again. This new SUV comes equipped with an intelligent speed limit warning system. This advanced safety feature uses a front camera to detect speed limit signs and alerts the driver when exceeding the limit, promoting safe driving.

L2 Intelligent Assistant Driving System

The ix7’s advanced driver assistance system uses radar and cameras to detect obstacles. It intelligently brakes, accelerates and steers for you to avoid collisions and provide a safe driving experience. Let the best 7-seater SUV handle the stress of driving in busy traffic!

BOSCH 9.3 Generation ESP System

Equipped with a state-of-the-art Bosch Electronic Stability Program, this affordable SUV helps keep you in control at all times. It applies selective braking and reduces engine power to individual wheels to assist steering and stabilize the vehicle during sudden maneuvers.

AFS Follow-Up Steering Headlamp

See clearly around every corner with the ix7’s adaptive front-lighting system. It uses sensors to detect your steering input and the vehicle's speed, then adjusts the headlamp beam pattern to provide maximum visibility through turns, making it the best seven-seater SUV in the UAE.

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General Specifications
Length * Width * Height (mm)
4930 x 1935 x 1765
Wheelbase (mm)
Front Thread (mm)
Read Threat (mm)
Fuel Type



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