The All New Super City SUV - Fengon 600

Rich intelligent configurations. DFSK car technology will change your life and intelligence will provide you convenience.

High Quality Audio System

Immerse yourself in rich, clear sound with the FENGON 600's premium audio system. Speakers placed strategically throughout the cabin deliver balanced acoustics and powerful bass for an unparalleled listening experience.

Front And Rear Collision Warning

Stay alert on the road with the dual collision warning system on this 6-seater SUV in the UAE. Advanced sensors constantly monitor your distance from other vehicles. Drive with confidence knowing you have extra eyes watching the road.

Body Stability Control (ESP, ESC)

Ensure superior control even in unforeseen circumstances with the FENGON 600's cutting-edge stability control system, making it the best-selling SUV in the UAE. ESP and ESC work together to keep your car stable and on track, even in challenging road conditions.

AEB Active Braking

For enhanced safety, the FENGON 600 features an Autonomous Emergency Braking system. Using radar and cameras to monitor the road ahead, AEB on this 6-seater car in the UAE warns the driver of impending collisions and can even apply maximum braking power if needed.

ACC Adaptive Cruise

Cruise with ease using the FENGON 600's adaptive cruise control. The intelligent system on this Chinese car in the UAE automatically adjusts your set speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead, accelerating and braking smoothly for a relaxing drive.

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