C35 - Powerful City Delivery Vehicle

The third generation of chassis technology will provide the super load bearing

Spacious cargo area

With over 2.6 meters of cargo space length and 1.3 meters of cargo height, this Chinese car in the UAE has one of the most spacious cargo areas among city delivery vehicles. You'll be able to easily fit all the packages, goods, and supplies you need to deliver around the city.

Comfortable spacious interior

This commercial vehicle features a roomy cabin with plenty of head and leg room, allowing you to sit comfortably even on long drives. The ergonomic seats and intuitive dashboard design also add to the overall comfort, reducing fatigue from city driving and deliveries.

Automatic intelligent headlights

This new car for sale in Dubai comes equipped with auto on/off headlights that turn on and off automatically based on external lighting conditions. This intelligent system maximizes visibility and safety when driving at night or in dark areas without you having to manually control the headlights.

Easy, affordable maintenance

The C35 is one of the most affordable cars in the UAE which requires minimal maintenance. Powered by a fuel-efficient 1.5L DVVT gasoline engine, it achieves 15.5 km/L making it the best option for businesses. With reasonable service costs, this fuel-efficient car lets you focus on your business, not maintenance bills.

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80mm broadened beam is solid and safe.9-horizontal and 2-vertical broadened beam( 80mm)+reinforced body design,more stable and solid.

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General Specifications
Length * Width * Height (mm)
Wheel Base (mm)
Track (F/R) (mm)
Dimension of Cargo Box (Length, Width, Height)
2630*1480*1300 mm
G.V.W (kg)



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