Powerful and capable K01H Mini Truck

Extra large cargo carrier mini truck

Dual Sun Visor
MP3 Player
Inner Lamp
Mid-Engine Rear-Drive
Mechanical Steering
40 Litres

Spacious comfortable 2 seated interior

Experience unrivaled comfort in the DFSK K01H - one of the top commercial vehicles in the UAE. Its spacious 2-seated interior provides ample room to stretch out and relax during your travels. Designed with the utmost attention to detail, this car offers a luxurious experience that sets it apart from other Chinese cars in the UAE.

Clean, informative display

Stay informed on the go with the clean and informative display of the K01H. This feature-packed car offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. Explore the new car in Dubai that combines convenience and technology!

Compact and maneuverable size

With a small turning radius and compact size, this new car for sale in Dubai is highly maneuverable, perfect for navigating narrow streets and tight parking spaces. Its small size makes it ideal for driving in congested cities.

Easy-to-use entertainment system

Enjoy a delightful driving experience with the easy-to-use entertainment system in the K01H. Whether you're a music lover or prefer listening to podcasts, the MP3 player ensures you have your favorite tunes at your disposal. Experience the best Chinese cars in the UAE that blend style and practicality flawlessly.

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General Specifications
AF 10-06
Transmission Type
5 MT
Fuel Tank
40 Litres
Front Suspension
McPherson independent suspension
Rear Suspension
5-bar leaf sptring non-independent suspension



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