A New Generation of Intelligent Coupe-Type SUV

Fully voice automated for your convenience, the ix5 can understand over 100 unique commands. It lets you have a premium driving experience without even taking your hands off the wheel.

1.498L Turbo Engine
145 Horse Power
4 Cylinders
58 Litre Fuel Tank
Petrol Engine
Voice Automated

Cheetah-Like Front Face

Experience the sleek and powerful design of the FENGON ix5, with its cheetah-like front face that exudes confidence and speed. The bold lines and dynamic curves make a striking statement on the road, setting you apart from the crowd.

19-inch High-Quality Wheel Hub

This SUV comes equipped with 19-inch high-quality wheel hubs that not only enhance its sporty appearance but also provide exceptional performance and stability, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Aircraft-Type Shift Lever

Inspired by the cockpit controls of an airplane, the ix5's shift lever allows you to smoothly switch gears with a satisfying click. The ergonomic shifter is conveniently positioned for an intuitive driving experience, making it one of the best midsize SUVs in the UAE.

NAPPA Leather Interior

Indulge in luxury with the FENGON ix5's NAPPA leather interior. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this SUV car in the UAE offers unparalleled comfort and style, making every journey a truly remarkable one.

Intelligent Touch Display

Stay connected and entertained with the FENGON ix5's intelligent touch display. Integrated into the dashboard, it provides easy access to navigation, music, and other essential features, keeping you in control at all times.

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The FENGON Ix5 comes in two variants - Comfortline and Highline. You can view the specification of each below.



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